Video Publishing on Windows Recommendations

Video. We are all free and the new youTube nation, right? Um… no.

Recording and creating videos is still a real pain. Especially for newbies on Vista. In one experience last week Windows Movie Maker on Vista did a great job of letting a friend create a video. But you can’t yet post the (new?) wmv file format to youTube. So create? yes. Publish? no. Or maybe we just couldn’t figure it out.

From this post by Jon Udell in response to a question by Beth Kanter he uses the following tools:

  1. Camtasia – like Windows Movie Maker but exports in various formats with less hassle. A must have.
  2. Windows Media Encoder – free and few people know about it. Hard to use but it lets you screen capture on a local PC for integration into a video.

From our experience doing help videos for Tendenci, you pretty much have to go with Camtasia on a PC.