When You Think of PR, Think of Kinko’s!?

From the HBJ, a kinkosesque PR solution for the SMB market.

Kinko’s-style PR store launches first branch in state

The first Washington branch of the national PRstore
chain wants to deliver one-stop public relations services to the masses.

The PRstore’s new franchise location near Seattle’s Northgate Mall is just
the first slated for the Puget Sound area. Franchise owner Deverick Martin,
forecasting a big market for inexpensive marketing help, wants to open 12 local
stores over the next five years.

The site is http://www.prstore.com . Not sure if it will work, but for the right price it might. In fact, if I were Kinko’s I’d add some consultants to help people with more than the machines. But for the rest of us, PR will remain unchanged.