TetheredTo is Creating a New Medium like Lonelygirl15 did

Every once in a while you see an artist do something different. Stretch a medium so that it becomes a new medium. They create not only art, but a new art form that is a derivative of a prior (a priori?).

Two artists who are doing that in the world of social software right now are RoseAndOlive on flickr of Tethered To The Sun. (note – some images NSF.)

The photography is of course great. Of course, because it becomes apparent that some folks have an eye that the rest of us wish we had. But you don’t "look" at their photos. You experience them. From the photo itself. The wondering what they wrote as you wait to click through to their latest. To the ridiculously long tags on the photos that tell a whole nother story (yes "nother" is a word in Texas).

The comments quickly gather below any recent post. TetheredTo has 4536 friends on flickr. People value their time. You add Rose and Olive because you like their work. And it is NOT typical flickr. It is something else. Just like LonelyGirl15 was not typical youTube when they came out. So, what the heck is it?