Vudu – Won’t Make It

And speaking of video we have another video start up called vudu as written up in the NYT. However, like many Americans when the ad copy uses the word "revolutionary" or "premium" my BS filter goes off. In this case Vudu states it is:

VUDU is a revolutionary new product that will transform the way you get
and watch movies. VUDU is instantaneous””no more driving to the video

and then with a layout like joost they continue

All you need is the VUDU box, a TV, a broadband Internet connection, and a love of movies.

As observed on GigaOM, the problem is the cable operators already have a box in every home. And the satellite folks have a DVR in every home. And joost is doing peer to peer movie distribution. So what is revolutionary about Vudu? Well, nothing as far as I can tell.

I shouldn’t be so hard on them for that opening sentence, but if that is the mind set then they aren’t long for this world.