Netsquared Links

Netsquared 2007 conference prep links:

  1. Netsquared Conference Agenda
  2. Beth as always has a great round up post on Netsquared here.
  3. Daniel Ben Horin Podcast on the history of Netsquared on Tactical Philanthropy
  4. Kabissa on being chosen as a Net2 Featured Project.
    1. Nigeria – texting election observations
  5. Open Source Open Video Standards
  6. Peter Deitz Fund Raising Efforts
  7. Netsquared on Twitter
  8. Campaigning in Social Media

Typically at a conference I have to choose between a camera and my flickr profile, or blogging. We will see how this one goes. But the camera may win out by default given all of the live blogging that will already be going on. Backchannel anyone?