Praxis … Lots of organization/association activity this week. Gave a talk for Reveille today. We have our Houston Netsquared meetup tonight. And our team just finished implementing Tendenci behind the RefreshHouston site (awesome design by Kelsey!)

Thinking about these groups at lunch yesterday the word "praxis" popped into my head which led me to type define:praxis on the trusty blackberry. The top definition of praxis result:

Praxis is a complex activity by which individuals
create culture and society
, and become critically conscious human
. Praxis comprises a cycle of action-reflection-action which is
central to liberatory education. Characteristics of praxis include
self-determination (as opposed to coercion), intentionality (as opposed
to reaction), creativity (as opposed to homogeneity), and rationality
(as opposed to chance).

Emphasis added by me. Building a social network requires praxis. As the definition states, this is a complex activity. It is tough to create an organization in a physical area like Houston, never mind watching clients like the National Pharmacy Technician Association build a virtual community of like minded pharmacy techs.

So to modify a line from The Road Less Traveled, Praxis is difficult.