Barack Obama Bullies Myspace Without Thinking it Through

It is almost funny when someone "thinks" they have the power to do X and it turns out that Y really controls the issue. In a fight over 50k ish, the Barack Obama campaign didn’t recognize that a guy with 160,000 politically interested friends on myspace qualifies as "major media."

The short version of the Barack Obama Bullying story is

  1. volunteer Joe Anthony creates and grows a myspace fan page for Barack Obama.
  2. when he announces for president they play along nicely.
  3. the campaign then wants control so they ask him to turn it over
  4. the volunteer says "I have been working on this for 3 years. it is worth about 50k"
  5. the campaign says "screw you" and has myspace yank the domain away from him.
  6. the campaign loses the 160k friends as part of the deal

Here is the wild card. The volunteer still "owns" his 160k friends. He can create a new domain called and restore them all there. Or a John Edwards fan page. My point is, pick your fights.

Politically this was a major misstep on the part of the Barack Obama campaign.

And it is a worrisome error, as our country is known for arrogant decisions like this. We must breed it into our politicians. At least this was a domestic political PR error and not a geopolitical act of bullying.