Rebekka and Flickr on Deleted Photos

  meaningless selfportrait 
  Originally uploaded by _rebekka.

Stealing other people’s photography isn’t cool. When a UK outfit stole and sold some of Rebekka Gudleifsdóttir’s photos and sold them she asked for compensation. Being rebuffed, she then did a post on flickr explaining her frustration.

Extensive comments ensued including comments with more details on the company, Only Dreemin, that did the theft. Flickr felt these comments crossed the line and deleted the entire thread.

To have flickr delete the photo (comments on that) that discusses the issue was not a smart decision on the part of the folks running the flickr community.

I *do* understand that if Yahoo, the owners of flickr, felt that comments crossed a legal line that they had a right to remove those comments. But to delete the entire photo and thread was just poor decision making on their part.