Dave Beck Article in MySanAntonio.com

Self promotion alert: Dave Beck used an interview with me in his article in today’s MySanAntonio.com article. From the article on web marketing:

Dave Beck: Web sites: Keep users in mind

…The Web site wasn’t the most pleasing to the eye, nor was it the most
sophisticated. But it worked. They got my business.

According to Web marketing expert Ed Schipul, owner of Houston-based Schipul
“” The Web Marketing Co
., there’s an important lesson to be learned here. Web
searchers and users functionally respond like introverts, concentrating on
themselves and what they need to buy.

"It’s not that information seekers are self-focused all the time, but rather
that while on the Web, users are on a mission," said Schipul, whose company has
designed sites for hundreds of businesses in energy, medical, industrial, arts
and entertainment, and education fields.

Emphasis added. Now, I don’t recall saying exactly that good web marketing could not be aesthetically pleasing, it is just that the aesthetics need to be secondary to functional results. Results are good.

Thanks Dave for the emails and phone calls regarding the article!