How Not to Get Indicted: Get Out of PR

I haven’t linked to Amanda Chapel in a while, cause, well she can be kind of a bitch. <grin> But this is just too real world of a PR cynical scoop by Doug Dowie. From the Strumpette article:

How Not to Get Indicted – by Doug Dowie

  • Get Off the Public Teat
  • Stop Sending Email
  • Never Delegate
  • Buy a Stopwatch and Clipboard
  • Spy on Your Staff
  • Ignore Your Financial Targets
  • Never Trust Your Boss

What strikes is that you can’t actually DO that. Sure you can "get off the public teat" but "stop sending email"? I think not. Which is the authors point. So you have three options.

  1. Don’t take public accounts or;
  2. get out of PR or;
  3. be a big agency and make sure middle managers take the fall.

There it is. On that note, I can’t believe we don’t have a Douglas R. Dowie wikipedia stub btw – not that I am suggesting y’all create it.