Bring on the Class Clowns – Short Form Video Rules!

From Accenture on Consumer Generated Content (thanks for the link Dan)

Asked to identify which type of content offers the highest growth potential for their industry over the next five years, the greatest number of respondents “”

  1. 53 percent “” cited short-form video, followed by
  2. videogames (13 percent),
  3. full-length film (11 percent)
  4. music, (11 percent),
  5. consumer publishing (9 percent) and
  6. business publishing (4 percent).

Numbered bullets added by me because I like lists. Lists are simple. But back to the topic – this is a very interesting list indicating what is already very apparent. Video, short form, is the future. Bring on the class clowns!

The video at right? Just a cool consumer generated video tribute to smilemaker that I like.

How Not to Get Indicted: Get Out of PR

I haven’t linked to Amanda Chapel in a while, cause, well she can be kind of a bitch. <grin> But this is just too real world of a PR cynical scoop by Doug Dowie. From the Strumpette article:

How Not to Get Indicted – by Doug Dowie

  • Get Off the Public Teat
  • Stop Sending Email
  • Never Delegate
  • Buy a Stopwatch and Clipboard
  • Spy on Your Staff
  • Ignore Your Financial Targets
  • Never Trust Your Boss

What strikes is that you can’t actually DO that. Sure you can "get off the public teat" but "stop sending email"? I think not. Which is the authors point. So you have three options.

  1. Don’t take public accounts or;
  2. get out of PR or;
  3. be a big agency and make sure middle managers take the fall.

There it is. On that note, I can’t believe we don’t have a Douglas R. Dowie wikipedia stub btw – not that I am suggesting y’all create it.