Grand Prix: Sebastian Bourdais

  Grand Prix: Sebastian Bourdais 
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How Social Software Works. First I paid to attend the Grand Prix of Houston.  My whole family. Then I took creative commons photos and posted them on flickr. Then I noticed there wasn’t a flickr group for the Grand Prix of Houston so I created one. And invited others to join.

Cost to the Grand Prix of Houston? Nada. Benefit? A great deal long term by engaging the Houston Racing fans. All facilitated by flickr. All of our brands should be so lucky.

And oh ya, one thing y’all could do to help would be to click through to my flickr photo (to the right of this post) and post a comment. Comments are cool. Thanks!

Friending is Not the New Ad, It is the New Advertising-Denial

I think this post on friending being the new advertisement misses the point. Friending is the new advertising-intrusion-followed-by-rejection-with-a-few-accepts. Think Telemarketing. When a brand says "You don’t know me but I want to be your friend", and they have not contributed in any meaningful way to my network, that is an intrusion.

Ahhhhh, the attack approach and get rejected method. Isn’t that what banner ads tried to do before we all installed pop-up blockers? Just asking..