SMS Text Shortcode Howto Roundup for Advertisers

Twitter is doing a great job of blasting down barriers between web and SMS texting. While at SXSW when the SMS stopped, I popped over to a web browser on the blackberry and kept going. But SMS was more convenient.

So if a you want their own short code, how do you get one? Well luckily this shortcode post on GigaOM answers that question.

10 Things to Know About Short Codes

Do you need one? If you want to market or promote something to mobile users, manage mobile communications to members of a group or organization, or get cell phone users to access your mobile application or service “” then, maybe. How much are you willing to spend and what kind do you need? Here’s 10 things to know about short codes, how to get them and what to avoid:

1). There are two kinds of short codes, shared and dedicated. (finish the shortcode article here)

Update: Note the comments regarding qtags – a Houston based Short Code Service! Thanks for the comments Allison!