What’s Best for Web Analytics? – Article in CIO

Blatant self promotion warning. CIO today web ran an article with a few quotes from me in it. I think the author, Jennifer LeClaire did a good job of being balanced in her approach on a fairly technical subject.

What’s Best for Web Analytics: Client, Server or Hosted?
By Jennifer LeClaire, March 20, 2007 11:59AM

… The Web analytics industry is moving from visits and pageviews to analytics
that reflect more about what people are paying attention to, according to Ed
Schipul, CEO of the Houston-based Schipul Web marketing company that created
Tendenci — a hosted application designed for management associations.

Schipul says companies need to record "events" that reflect actions. It may
be, for example, that a visitor to your site first clicks to watch a video, then
reads more about the product, and then finally makes contact. All of those
activities may occur on the same page. Enterprise-grade server-side solutions
can offer critical insights. (continued…)

I definitely recommend the full article if you are interested in web analytics options.