New Hire Training – Read These First

I get to run a small company. Really we have some brilliant people so I am coach and cheerleader but they really run the show. While definitely not as cool as Google, we have a really good thing going. And I get asked a lot how we hire. So I wanted to take a moment to comment on that. Our philosophy is

“Set a clear vision. Hire good people based on integrity, attitude and
intelligence. Train the heck out of them. Let them run.“

Lots of things trip folks up in the interview process. No conspiracy. Just, to be blunt, laziness at times. Examples?

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BMC Goes Open Source? – Whurley on board!

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I found out at SXSW that BMC may take portions of their systems management software open source in the future. From the press release:

“BMC really understands the value and benefits of open source,“ said Hurley.  “The company is defining the future of systems management with BSM, eliminating complexity in the IT infrastructure, and aligning IT with business.  BMC’s leadership and clear BSM vision, combined with the company’s interest in doing open source correctly, is absolutely something I wanted to be a part of.“ (more)

Link and emphasis added by me. A couple of thoughts on this. So far we have only the intent. But hiring Whurley is a big step for a company like BMC. So I will keep on the lookout for the official source code available for download. And I am not the only one surprised. From this post on 451.

I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be BMC to make the first move. IBM with
Tivoli seemed like the natural play due to IBM’s history with open source. HP
and CA were less clear, but BMC? This is an interesting move that wil have
repercussions in the software management sector.

Now – the press release clearly was written by a PR guy. Whurley
doesn’t talk like that. And they didn’t link to his blog so that looks like corporate speak. But, I did talk to him at Barcamp Austin and he
IS very excited about his role at BMC and the open source moves by BMC.

Now for the bad news. To play the devil’s advocate, this could also be a shrewd move on the
part of BMC to reduce the threat to their very profitable line of
against the Open Management Consortium where Whurley is very active. So only time will tell.

Last thought. That picture. Whurley with the shot lady at Barcamp. Because friends pick ridiculous photos of you to go with big announcements about open source software. <grin>