Twitter – at the Tipping Point and May Not Survive SXSW

This just in. Twitter is officially at the tipping point. Twitter is an SMS like or IM (Instant Messaging) like service that asks one questions; "what are you doing?"

I like the twitter explanation on twistimage:

It’s being called a micro-Blogging platform. I’m not sure that is the
best way to describe it. Simply put you can send a text message (SMS
length) either through a website, instant messenger or mobile device to
your own customized Twitter page (mine is here: Twitter ““ Mitch Joel). From there you add friends (like MySpace)
who are also using Twitter. The point? To tell people what you are
doing now (for instance, take a look at my Twitter widget on the left
which shows you my latest posting). It’s another way to let other know
what you’re up to”¦ right now.

Inkoluv pushed me over the edge to sign up. So yes Erica, you have been bugging me about twitter for months. You too Kelsey. And now I am on twitter at Are you people happy now?

Mainly I don’t miss out on any of the SXSW action over the next few days. It will be interesting to see if it "has legs" after the conference.

Dodgeball? Always had potential. Never worked right. I declare it dead. Sorry!