Thinking About Reverse Salients (Still)

"A salient is a protrusion in a geometric figure, a line of battle, or an expanding weather front. As technological systems expand, reverse salients develop. Reverse salients are components in the system that have fallen behind or are out of phase with the others"

A reverse salient simply means that through no particular action, there is a huge demand for a particular invention. There is a portion that is out of phase. Identify and solve it. Fun stuff. 

Thanks Marc!

Business Planning Goals – Three Little Questions

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I really like the three business planning questions at the bottom of this business planning article on the CNVE site:

  1. Do you have a clear goal for the ultimate outcome?
  2. Is your ultimate outcome reasonable?
  3. Can you articulate your goals in a way that motivates others?

Even if you are a non profit association, perhaps especially if you are a non profit, these are great questions to ask! (more on the CNVE site)