Gallaudet University Innovations – Associations Using youTube

And on a slightly nicer note than that last post, HappyKatie wrote an article recently that led to research on associations use of youTube. In a conversation with Sharron she sent this note: (I added the links)

The Gallaudet University Alumni Association is brilliant in using youTube to speak to it’s constituents. Since the school is founded on the principle of teaching Deaf people in their native language – American Sign, their newsletter is now offered through YouTube so it too can be delivered through American Sign rather than the written word which often considered second choice by many Deaf

Here is the video:

Along the way I also was introduced by TJ with IBAT to Jeff and . A very interesting day!

And then some people just hate second life

Genitals, Guns and merchandise in Second Life on Valleywag. I’ll spare the images, but the closing paragraph is pretty tough on SL.

I will readily admit that there’s a great deal of stuff in Second Life
that is the obvious product of much care, time, effort, skill, and
artistry. But just as much of it — and probably most of it — is
tedious, boring, repetitive, tawdry, and vacuously commercial.


economic aspect of Second Life is the hook that gets so many people
involved in creating and selling things, but at the same time, it’s
crassly in your face everywhere.

(Note – I am not in SL, and reviews like the above make me wonder why I would?)