Raymond Gayle Interview on Code Z

Raymond Gayle, who I know, has a great interview on Code Z about his movie Electric Purgatory. From the article:

“It’s about the struggles of black rock musicians. Being black and playing rock
music is not accepted by white or black audiences. Black rockers are in musical

and then later:

“I was always a
fan of Fishbone, Living Colour, and other bands like them. I found it odd that
they never reached the level of success of, say, Jane’s Addiction or the Red Hot
Chili Peppers. …
Why does this happen?“ He went on, “Black musicians are not expected to go
outside the box.“

My favorite quote from the article has to be "To me, story will always win out. You just stay true to it and trust your gut.“ The full article is interesting – for more on Electric Purgatory go here.