League of Technical Voters Presenting in Houston

The next Houston Netsquared meeting has a great speaker! Silona Bonewald of the League of Technical Voters will be driving in from Austin to talk to us. First the event details:

League of Technical Voters Presenting at NetSquared Houston

Silona Bonewald Founder

League of Technical Voters

Tue 13-Feb-07 7:00 AM to Tue 13-Feb-07 9:00 PM

To register – sign up for the Houston Net2 meetup here. The topics are:

Join us for our February Houston NetSquared technology discussion as we speak with Silona Bonewald on her work with the League of Technical Voters
a group dedicated to promoting use of technology in policymaking and
connecting constituents and legislators alike to important voting
information through technology.

Some League of Technical Voter projects Silona will touch on:   

1) Project: Transparent Federal Budget

2) Divide and Conquer – Fragmenting legislation

3) Entity based Social network – How to make a Meta network Work and the role of Open Source and Non Profit Organizations

4) Designathon and Codeathon : Creating Open Source Software for Non Profit Organizations

Added bonus? I typically cover the bar tab so come have meaningful conversations and a brew with us at the Stag’s Head pub next Tuesday. (thanks for arranging this Sharon!)