Corporate Linking as Blog Influencer

Via Steve Rubel: Apple’s Linkblog and Its PR Influence

In the last few weeks, Apple linked to several articles
comparing WIndows VIsta to the Mac. All of them sang Apple’s praises.
Now there were many other articles that were positive about Vista
during the launch. These said that Microsoft caught up, but Apple of
course didn’t link to a single one. (Disclosure: Edelman assisted with
the Windows Vista launch.)

This is not an argument about which OS is better. This is about the
use of linking for PR. What I am saying is by linking to something on a
corporate Web site, you’re basically making a statement without
uttering a word. And that’s almost like blogging.

Emphasis added by me. Search Engine Optimization is about links and content. That simple. And a link from is pretty influential. Are you listening and linking to the folks you like to influence your PR?