Valley PR Blog launches in the Valley of the Sun

I had the chance to visit Phoenix on a public speaking gig last year. Some very creative people in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Some very fashionable people too. So… it was great to see this:

PR pro launches industry blog to share ideas, tips

Phoenix public relations professionals can weigh in on a variety of
topics in their industry thanks to a new blog created by one of their

Valley PR Blog, at,
tackles the local PR scene, best practices tips and keeps those in the
field only a click or two away from information and resources in the

And this blog post on Hoi Polloi on the same topic. While obviously I am a lone blogger on this site, most of the truly successful blogs are community blogs like this one. If I were in college, I would so work hard to contribute to these to build my online reputation. A great and easy way to start. Similar to contributing links to spin thicket.

On the flip side, the Valley PR Blog has some work to do.

  1. The current posts are all over the map on topics. And they don’t all seem on PR. Which is OK, but a more consistent voice would be helpful for readership.
  2. Be more open. The posts have comments turned on but not trackback. Why? What gives?
  3. Be more controversial. No matter what you say, tackling interesting topics gets you read.
  4. Consider reading Naked Conversations – great stuff.
  5. Um, the layout. I know the chick on Strumpette is stock, but still it is easier on the eyes and relevant to the topic of the blog (or the theme). (disclaimer – Ed – please get a header graphic /done)

Again, kudos to the folks in Phoenix for joining in the conversation. The Scottsdale CVB does a great job as well. So please consider this a bit of constructive criticism and a welcome.