Integration Proclamation

I love the concept behind the Integration Proclamation which I found out about through the npt blog. I just signed it. From the site here is the paragraph of invitation:

If you work for a progressive organization or campaign, you probably struggle with technology. You probably have multiple databases and tech tools that half-work, but don’t work together. You’re not alone. For years, thousands of us have struggled with fragmented systems that don’t get the job done. If you want the progressive movement to finally get the winning tools we need, you should sign The Integration Proclamation.

Yes I promise I am working hard to have our team walk the talk.

After signing the proclamation I was thinking "hey, we have XML batch in and out on numerous Tendenci modules with a ton of import and export functionality." And then I realized we don’t even have a front side page on Tendenci discussing APIs, integration, or imports and exports. Uuuugh. We do have help files that talk about it, but nothing front side. I am going to fix that.

6th Ward Invokes the youTube Community Function Call

From the Houston Chronicle – this is great! The 6th Ward Historic District is trying to preserve the old sixth ward in Houston using youTube.

For those non-houstonians out there it should be noted that Houston does not have zoning. So we have a bit of a sprawling, albeit capitalist enabled, urban design as a result. The scope of that debate is beyond this post, but I love the use of technology to light a fire under a cause:

6thwardchroniclearticle Group trying to preserve old Sixth Ward character posts front-porch testimonials on

By MIKE SNYDER, Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle

Leaders of one of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods, developed long before cars, paved roads or utility poles became part of the urban landscape, are using 21st century technology in their struggle to preserve a dwindling number of Victorian-era houses.

A series of videos features homeowner testimonials about the need to preserve the character of the area just west of downtown, which is listed on federal and local historic registries. (more)

Also note that while the 6th Ward is not a client, the 5th Ward and the 5th Ward CRC are clients. Disclosure and such.

Terra Naomi asks What Would You Do or Want….

I was not familiar with Terra Naomi prior to seeing this video. The original invitation for content for a participatory video is still on her site as well:

Dear Friends and Fans:

I invite your participation in my music video for the song “Say It’s Possible,“ which will feature the contributions of people around the world replying to the question:

“What would you do or want if anything was possible?“

If you’re interested in joining this project, I ask that you film yourself on video wearing a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT or holding a WHITE SIGN on which you have WRITTEN IN BLACK INK your answer to the question above, in 3 WORDS OR LESS.