Integration Proclamation

I love the concept behind the Integration Proclamation which I found out about through the npt blog. I just signed it. From the site here is the paragraph of invitation:

If you work for a progressive organization or campaign, you probably struggle with technology. You probably have multiple databases and tech tools that half-work, but don’t work together. You’re not alone. For years, thousands of us have struggled with fragmented systems that don’t get the job done. If you want the progressive movement to finally get the winning tools we need, you should sign The Integration Proclamation.

Yes I promise I am working hard to have our team walk the talk.

After signing the proclamation I was thinking "hey, we have XML batch in and out on numerous Tendenci modules with a ton of import and export functionality." And then I realized we don’t even have a front side page on Tendenci discussing APIs, integration, or imports and exports. Uuuugh. We do have help files that talk about it, but nothing front side. I am going to fix that.