Flixster Forces People on Weekly Email “by default”?

I received a link to take a movie quiz on Flixster.com from a friend. Which takes you to a login page that reads:

By default,
Flixster will send you a weekly update on new movies and the occasional site
announcement. You can unsubscribe at any time.

So they are *by default adding me to a mailing list*?  And then *forcing me to later unsubscribe*. This is bad netiquette. It’s like a cop arresting you first and then asking what happened later. An assumption of guilt. Why?

The second issue with this is in a world of cats and dogs, micro-conversions such as clicking a checkbox to add yourself to a newsletter is a good thing. It is a conscious choice by the consumer to interact with your brand. Yes you won’t force as many people into your mailing list. But you will be doing the right thing. And making a better brand impression.