Brats – all 15 million of you – you have a movie

I was contacted by a gentleman with the The American Overseas Schools Historical Society through our site with a link to BRATS: Our Journey Home. I suspect he found my info in the official bio. Why did I chose to include "an Army brat" as a phrase in there – not sure. So, if you are a military brat (in the military this is a compliment, not a bad thing) please do check out the BRATS site.

From the site:

BRATS: Our Journey Home is the first feature-length documentary, narrated by singer/songwriter
Kris Kristofferson,
about a hidden American subculture – a lost tribe of at least fifteen million people from
  widely diverse backgrounds, raised on military bases around the world,
   whose shared experiences have shaped their lives so powerfully,
    they are forever different from their fellow Americans. (more)

So you mean others don’t go to camp outs with a deuce and a half carrying their camping gear? Sheeesh.

The picture on the top right is from the brats site and was provided (to them) courtesy of The Musil Family.