Swivel – youTube for Data for Visual Comparisons

Via Techcrunch, introducing swivel (new to me!)

the site allows users to upload data – any data – and display it to other users visually.

The site is currently down, most likely from the 144k techcrunch readers all clicking at the same time. But the promise of the site is strong:

But then the real fun begins. You and other users can then compare
that data to other data sets to find possible correlation (or lack
thereof). Compare gas prices to presidential approval ratings or UFO
sightings to iPod sales. Track your page views against weather reports
in Silicon Valley. See if something interesting occurs.

And better yet, Swivel will be automatically comparing your data to
other data sets in the background, suggesting possible correlations to
you that you may never have noticed.

For those of you in the public relations field, anonymizing client data and looking for newsworthy trends (sales of pies predicts stock market!) seems like a good bet. Creativity and strategy. Go get ’em!