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Merry Christmas
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and "May God bless us, each and every one." – Tiny Tim.

May you be blessed in the coming year.

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Dr. Arthur H. Schipul Jr. – 1938 – 2006

December 14, 2006
Dr. Arthur H. Schipul Jr.

Dr. Arthur H. Schipul Jr. died unexpectedly Wednesday, Dec. 6, in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the West Indies. Following repatriation, Dr. Schipul will be honored with a military funeral at Fort Sam Houston. A memorial Mass is scheduled 10 a.m. Saturday at Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Norman.

Dr. Schipul was born on Jan. 19, 1938, and grew up in Bridgeport, Conn. As a teenager he worked as a photographer for the Bridgeport Post before entering the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves in 1956. He married Catherine Anne Gray Oct. 24, 1959. He went into the U.S. Army as a lab technician and served in France before returning to Texas and graduating from Saint Mary’s University in San Antonio in 1966. While completing his laboratory internship, he also earned a master’s degree in education at Our Lady of the Lake. Dr. Schipul was reassigned to Fort Knox, Ky. Shortly after, he was sent to the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (the WRAIR team) in Saigon.

In 1973, he began his medical studies in Guadalajara, Mexico, transferring to Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez in 1975 and graduating in 1977. Dr. Schipul did his clerkships and residency in OB/GYN at Bridgeport Hospital, Bridgeport, before returning to active duty in the U.S. Army at Fort Benning, Ga. He completed a fellowship in perinatology at Madigan Army Medical Center in 1983 and served as Chief of OB at Brooke Army Medical Center before being assigned as a perinatal consultant at Frankfurt Army Medical Center in Germany. Returning to the U.S. in 1990, Dr. Schipul retired in 1992, and joined the University of Oklahoma as an assistant professor and attending physician on labor and delivery. There he was honored with the National Faculty Award for Excellence in OB-GYN Resident Education. Later, as an attending physician at Saint Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, Dr. Schipul was twice honored as Attending of the Year in the Family Practice Residency Program.

A fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American College of General Practice, as well as a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK, he remained active in many professional organizations.

An author of many articles and abstracts on a wide variety of subjects, teaching was one of his main interests, and he?helped many OB-GYN and family practice residents identify projects of medical significance for research papers in their residency programs.

In May 2004, he joined the faculty of Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica campus. Dr. Schipul was a popular faculty member in the Introduction to Clinical Sciences Department and he devoted himself to motivating students and encouraging them to become lifelong learners, family said. He was an advisor to the American Medical Student Association as well as the Ross Catholic Student Association. He liked to accompany the students to do health screenings and preventive medicine counseling in Dominica, and he frequently reminded students attending elective Spanish classes how fortunate they were to be attending medical school in English. He was prone to outbursts in multiple languages during his lectures, including Klingon, a language he cultivated because of his love for all things Star Trek.

Dr. Schipul and his wife, Cathy, have six children: Arthur III, Elizabeth, Edward, Catherine, James and Michael. They are the grandparents of four granddaughters and two grandsons: Kyrielle Holmes of Troy, Ala.; Jordan Schipul of Houston, Rachel and Lauren Essenberg of Norman and Broden and Stockton Schipul of Houston.

Dr. Schipul “was a loving husband, father and physician. His generosity was legendary, and his love for his family was demonstrated constantly by his support and photography of everything his wife and children were involved in,” family said. “He was generous, courageous, loving and good. There was never a time that he turned away when he could help anyone in need. He was always there, a firm foundation of support. The terrible void he has left behind him can never be filled.”

Stories of Dr. Schipul’s life would be much appreciated by his family. Such correspondence may be sent to ****


Swivel – youTube for Data for Visual Comparisons

Via Techcrunch, introducing swivel (new to me!)

the site allows users to upload data – any data – and display it to other users visually.

The site is currently down, most likely from the 144k techcrunch readers all clicking at the same time. But the promise of the site is strong:

But then the real fun begins. You and other users can then compare
that data to other data sets to find possible correlation (or lack
thereof). Compare gas prices to presidential approval ratings or UFO
sightings to iPod sales. Track your page views against weather reports
in Silicon Valley. See if something interesting occurs.

And better yet, Swivel will be automatically comparing your data to
other data sets in the background, suggesting possible correlations to
you that you may never have noticed.

For those of you in the public relations field, anonymizing client data and looking for newsworthy trends (sales of pies predicts stock market!) seems like a good bet. Creativity and strategy. Go get ’em!