PR on a Budget by Len Saffir is out

Len Saffir’s latest book PR on a Budget is out and I just got my copy from Amazon. Len is the author of Power Public Relations and this is his latest release.

I should also mention that I am quoted in the Internet Public Relations chapter of the book. So consider this a plug. <grin> Upon arrival I had a few moments of running around the office saying "yea, I made it into an index!" And then I remembered that scene from the jerk. So I stopped.

I’ll be diving in to my copy and follow up. Thanks for another contribution to the public relations industry Mr. Saffir!

Second Life and Public Relations

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Second Life seems to be all over my bloglines feeds lately.

Second Life is a virtual world where you become an avatar of your choosing and virtually/physically interact. While it looks like tremendous fun, I have been quite busy with first life and have yet to sign up for SL.

The fact that companies like Electric Sheep are making a living building virtual islands and virtual buildings for major brands makes this noteworthy. It does have a certain bubble feel.

It should be noted that mainstream media reporters are not excited about having to login to a virtual world to view your product announcement.

The photo is from RubyJ and shows very real topics being discussed. That is cool.