Texas Tech and Alabama Waste Millions Suing Supporters

Texas Tech and Alabama have both lost all understanding of marketing fundamentals. Based on this lack of knowledge they are charging forward wasting millions of Alumni dollars. So in order I’ll cover the bone-headed-ness and then why it is bone headed.

  1. The University of Alabama is suing an artist who depicts football games in his art work.

    Mr. Moore’s paintings, reproduced in prints and on merchandise,
    violated the university’s trademark rights, the suit said. It asked a
    federal judge to forbid him to, among other things, use the
    university’s “famous crimson and white color scheme.“

    (NYT article via BoingBoing)

  2. Texas Tech on the other hand is suing a bookstore for selling T-shirts about Texas Tech with words like "Raider Land" and such. From the press release:

    “We regret having to make the choice to file a lawsuit against Red
    Raider Outfitters.  Texas Tech never wants to find itself in the
    position of suing a local business owner.  In this case, however, we
    believe Red Raider Outfitters forced us to take actions to protect our
    marks.  Raider Red, Wreck “˜em Tech, Raiderland and many other symbols
    and phrases are important parts of the spirit and image of Texas Tech.
    We took this action not only to protect our trademark but also to
    protect licensed vendors who properly pay royalty fees to produce Texas
    Tech merchandise,“ said Craig Wells, Texas Tech Senior Associate AD.

    They are also prevented from using the trademarked "Texas Tech’s well known scarlet-and-black color scheme"

    (via Keeney PR a schipul client but not for this issue)

OK, it is possible for reasonable people to disagree so let me start with where I am coming from. After the jump….

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