Target PR Disaster on Accessibility Hits the NYT

Saw this one coming – NYT piece on Target Corporation (TGT) and their fight with the National Federation of the Blind.

the Rights of the Disabled Extend to the Blind on the Web?


ACCORDING to an advocacy group,  Target
declined last year to make its Web site fully accessible to blind
people with specialized screen-reading technology last year. If true “”
and Target has denied the accusation in court “” it was a public
relations blunder, and it may have been illegal as well.

Maybe now Target’s CEO will ask the lawyers to stop being the voice of the company? Just a bad public relations idea.

And on that note I did see a full page "we do good stuff corporate ad" from Target in the Houston Chronicle this weekend. So it sounds like they timed it to hit along with the piece in the NYT.

Again – Target needs to do this, make their web site accessible, because it is the right thing to do. Please tell the lawyers to stop. And get a new PR agency. Or listen to the one you have. Arrrrgh.

What will happen next? Someone will point out that CNN is barely accessible. Snark.