There are only three business models – Emmy Advanced Media

From Emmy Advanced Media TV/Web Video Inversion:

There are only three business models: I pay, you pay or someone else
pays. In the media distribution business this is well understood.


For example, someone has to develop an Internet-oriented qualitative
media optimization program. This sounds simple enough, but it is not.
Right now, the vast majority of media optimization algorithms are
quantitative. This means the creative content of the advertisement is
not taken into consideration when formulating a media plan. This has
worked within acceptable limits for television, but in a world where
both venue and creative need to be contextually matched, pure
quantitative optimization is not appropriate.

I like the way Shelly explains it. Ad insertion is so basic that it defies A/B testing. The web presents the opportunity for fundamental testing of creative quality. Somewhere in between boring and viral hit lies the majority of advertising. It can improve.

The full post is worth a read.

Blogs Feed Mainstream Media

The top 100 blogs feed directly into the mainstream media. People can be frustrated about MSM copying blogs, or accept it and run with it.

As in my last post, it is noteworthy that Target had almost 40 days warning from looking at the graph on the right. The blogs are advance notice when it comes to crises. In fact, they are a visual indicator that will hopefully enable you to solve problems before they get bigger.

If you aren’t currently using blogpulse to graph the online discussion, perhaps consider it. A picture really is worth a thousand words.