Mobilizing Blogs to Reach Millions (maybe)

  Generations of Flight 
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Getting ready for this week I have been reviewing Blog or bust: “The Scobleizer“ on mobilizing blogs to reach millions which was originally linked to me by Keeney PR. I highly recommend the article.

The reason? I have a couple of fun talks coming up for PRSA chapters later this week.

Northwest Arkansas PRSA
Integrating Social Media/New Technologies into Your Public Relations Plans

on Wed 25-Oct-06 8:30 AM


PRSA Tulsa
The Latest High-Tech Gadgets for the PR Pro
on Thu 26-Oct-06 12:00 PM

The photo? That is from Wings Over Houston last weekend. I learned about the airshow through the Houston Metblogs appropriately enough.

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Why do jobs require resumes (or why are resumes broken?)

I saw this post on Scoble about how a Yahoo recruiter asking for his resume. Robert Scoble, for the new folks, is one of the top bloggers in the world (currently 21 on this list). So this is like asking Paul McCartney for a resume to see if he is a good fit to sing at your event.

This leads to a great point from a conversation I had with Kinan last month. Kinan asked me "Why exactly do we have online resumes that look like paper resumes?" That doesn’t make sense, does it? While I realize we all can’t be stars like Aleksey Varner with our own videos…

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