The Search Engine Technology Battle for Advertisement Serving

This was a question that came up with a client so I wanted to cross post for those new to PPC (pay per click) advertising.

There are three major players in the Pay-Per-Click Advertising World. They are clearly divided into religious camps on where the ads get served meaning you pretty much have to set up three different configurations to run a broad online PPC campaign. The providers are:

  1. Google Adwords. The big one.

  2. Yahoo just announced Panama, which is a next generation of their purchase of Overture a year or two ago. The main site for Yahoo ad serving is
  3. MSN adCenter is the most advanced Search Advertising Platform but display is limited to Microsoft properties primarily. This one has the best visuals and statistics but a limited distribution network.

If you want to dive in a great place to start is the blog at searchenginewatch. Or just sign up and test them! Hey, it’s only money…

_rebekka kicking ass with Toyota Prius Advertising

  kicking ass 
  Originally uploaded by _rebekka.

I posted on rebekka, the top photographer on flickr, a while back. While still a student, she has been able to monetize her skills and exposure and now is picking up paid photo gigs. Like this one for Toyota Prius (right).

Sometimes the way to monetize exposure through social software communities is the old fashioned way – get a job.

Congrats on a great campaign for Toyota!

I’d also like to point out something from reading the comments. HUNDREDS comment on rebekka’s photos. My point is that while she is an artist, and this ad is artistic, it is also commercial.

And the community on flickr is excited for her. They are supportive. This is worth noting first in how Rebekka presents the work (meaning the ethos of her posts). And secondarily in the fact that commercial brands ARE ok if done artistically and in agreement with the unwritten rules of a given site.

It also looks like Toyota is running the advertisements just regionally. Not sure I agree with them on that one. I’d at least run them in major markets in the US with a strong creative focus like NYC, LA and San Fran.