Ron Bloom Sound Bytes from Across the Sound #54

A few notes from ATS #54 – The New Marketing Podcast – Part 2 of the Podshow Interview after partially catching up on my last flight. Ron Bloom, CEO of Podshow, in particular is a sound-byte machine expressing things in a way worthy of repeating. So here is some repetition!

"A person is represented online by the kind of content you keep." (which includes) "relationships, recommendations, and reliability over time." – Ron Bloom

"to enter the Internet with one voice could be a bad approach" – Ron Bloom

(ed: this one makes sense and to me is the same reason people don’t want single sign-on. My expressed personality on flickr is very different from this blog and also different from the company-guy.)

(example) "one brand with over 100 voices"

"Rather than teach an entire society a new behavior, take advantage of an entirely new behavior in society. … That is what brand marketers are missing." – Ron Bloom

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