Guardian UK Quiz on News and Use of Creative Commons

The Guardian UK site just started a Global News Quiz. I scored as a Llama. Not a good score (6 out of 10). Yet quite fitting given it is actually a llama picture I took while on vacation in New Mexico earlier this year.

This of course begs the question of how a picture I took of a llama in New Mexico got used for a global news quiz in the UK? How exactly did that happen? Did any money change hands? Is this a good thing from a PR perspective?

In order, how did it happen? Eva from the Guardian apparently searched flickr for a llama picture that was set with creative commons licensing. CC means that others can use the work for whatever typically with credit. On the web "credit" simply means a link to that person.

In the world of search engine optimization a link is a good thing. In fact a link is a form of currency on the web. No other payment changed hands. Just good karma and a link.

From a PR perspective I believe this is a good thing. I can’t prove that our company will ever generate a sale from the link. Or that anyone will ever notice. But they might. And it might result in business. And if nothing else it is cool to see the picture in use. Giving first is good PR and good Karma.

Now, go take the world news quiz and hopefully you will score better than me!

PS – But whatever you do, do NOT listen to the llama llama duck song.