Listen First – then Distribute Your Authoring

  The Singer Songwriter 
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A question I recently heard was "Where is the Internet going?" My two cents? At least
for communicators I believe it is going towards two major themes.

  1. First LISTEN and then;
  2. distribute authoring to the people.

Let’s talk about what the Internet is not. It is not currently a true conversation. Oh I know all about the manifesto
and have said myself numerous times that it is "conversational". There
is a conversation going on; yet it it is not equidistant to all people.

Calling the Internet a conversation is similar to saying that everyone participated in Andy Warhol’s factory. Or the original rat pack.
Some participated. Some led. Yet for the most part it was voyeurism
pure and simple for the mass majority. Despite the change in mediums we
still see the minority participating in the conversation and the elite
minority leading it. The majority watches from the sidelines.

I am not suggesting the leading minority is subjugating anyone. It is simply that people are shy and stepping up to a global conversation is damn hard.

My thoughts on distributed authoring,
believing in the knowledge of crowds and encouraging them to speak, is
well documented. Hopefully I’ll soon post an article on the importance
of listening. It isn’t as simple as it sounds given so many on the
Internet are silent. Many aren’t even ON the NET! We need to take active listening to the point of creating visuals to interpret the silence. That is another post.

Thanks to Danielle with 20 hats public relations for the intriguing questions.

The picture? That is Kelly Willis recently performing at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
in Houston. I picked it because the singer-songwriter personifies the
importance of both active listening and engaging the audience. They
know no other way.