Citizendium and Wikipedia – The Path I want is a Balance of Power

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On Citizendium, Larry Sanger and Clay Shirky.

As a long time reader of Corante I can say that, truthfully, half the time I don’t get it. Well I might "get it" if I understood it. They use lots of big words. Ontological. Stuff like that.

Yet Clay is one brilliant guy. And when speaking he does seem to simplify to the point of understanding. I like his belief in folksonomy. I wish he wrote like he spoke. Be clear.

Larry? Passionate? Yes. And a far greater success in the online world that my current ventures so I tip my hat to the man. Yet again I am not sure I follow his thoughts on the subject. And I believe communication is first a burden on the communicator.

My take on all of this is simply that we need both a House and a Senate in Congress, similarly we need both a Wikipedia and a Citizendium in knowledge management. The thinkers and the populace should both get a vote. The answer is somewhere in the middle.

Hopefully both will have an API so we can automate the resolution of bills to law. So y’all quit squabbling and speak English. Or Swahili. But speak clearly.

Larry – my context is from the building of online groups.
Specifically we typically empower the building of groups online that
already exist offline. This is different from wikipedia which is a
miracle in the creation of an online community. Unlike wp, most online
group formations fail. For every myspace there are 9999 that did not make it. My previous post
to which you commented was simply saying "hey, this is going to be a
real challenge. You caught a fish on your second cast but that doesn’t
make fishing a 50% sport". I truly wish you the best!