Embrace Word of Mouth, Don’t Limit it to Your Branded Site

For all of the PR professionals out there, here is a GREAT case study for your clients. Word of Mouth is frequently generated by… um …. luck. Let’s call it lightning. Lightning struck Coke and Mentos with the videos showing the amazing sticky rocket that results.

From a brand perspective, here is what happened as explained by author John Moore:

The Results of Refuting versus Relishing

Remember how Coke refuted the WOM and Mentos relished the WOM from the Diet Coke/Mentos geyser viral video

Coke refuted the word-of-mouth (WOM) by saying the experiment didn’t
fit with the brand personality of Diet Coke and that they wished people
would drink the cola and not experiment with it. Mentos, on the other
hand, relished the estimated $10 million dollars in exposure from the
viral video that cost the company nothing.


Definitely read it. One of my take-aways is that the marketing managers are just as guilty as scientists when it comes to the NIH syndrome. NIH of course is not-invented-here. For the purposes of branding perhaps we rename it NEH – Not Experienced Here.

Does it matter if a company sees your brand on YOUR site or someone else’s site? Ask a PR professional and they will likely point out it may be BETTER to have it seen elsewhere. Be simple. Just hope people care about your brand at all. Go from that position of humility, even if you are coke.  Thoughts?