Viral Marketing Described as Link-Bait

While a few of our team attended Search Engine Strategies in San Jose this week, I did not. But I have been reading the newsletters that come out on the sessions.

On session that is worth review is from SEOmoz blog on a formula for creating compelling content by Randfish. Content so compelling that others link to it and therefore help your search engine rank. It is told from the perspective of the web yet it should work off line just as well from a PR perspective.

Here is the link-bait presentation with a summary below (go visit the presentation for the REAL content):

  1. Researching a Sector’s Link-Worthiness
  2. Discovery of “˜Big’ Players in Your Field – Technorati and Google Trends with your keywords
  3. Targeting YDDS (Yahoo!, Digg,, (maybe also
  4. Targeting Offline Media – hire PR expert
  5. Selecting a Content Focus
  6. Melding Branding and Viral Elements
  7. Targeting Keywords/Search Traffic
  8. Look at Examples of “˜Brilliant Ideas’
  9. The Value of a “˜Web 2.0′ Look & Feel – "The  right "look and feel" will earn links"
  10. Elements that Encourage Linking
  11. Pre-Launch Public Relations
  12. Managing Launch Traffic – do not respond negatively
  13. Continuing to Get Value from Linkbait – "Update the content with timely information."