TUAW – Bryce 5 Free for a Bit

Speaking of visualization, via the tuaw blog:

Bryce 5 free until September 6th

DAZ Productions is the latest software company to have been struck by the ‘let’s give it away for free!’ bug, as they have placed a $0 price tag on Bryce 5 for both Mac and PC – but only until Sept. 6th.

I wonder if you can import the Bryce models into Sketchup? Hmmm.

On the visualization theme we also *finally* finished painting what used to be our training room to be a small green room. Chroma Key paint to drop in backgrounds from Star Wars. Or more subdued maps like the weather man.

Now the catch here is none of us are exactly videographers. So, if you have this need for a chroma key green backdrop and are in the Houston area, drop me a line. Free access to a mini studio – not a bad deal.