This Runway Small Aircraft Only

Signage matters. Usability matters. Visuals matter. Particularly for aircraft.

Design could have prevented this tragedy. Maybe a sign in big letters that reads "This Runway Small Aircraft Only" with a picture of a small aircraft.

Having flown a lot I can say that I don’t understand the signs at most airports. When reading them out the airplane window they are cryptic. One of the lessons from the 9-11 commission was to use normal speak. Airports communicate in a way such that you have to be trained to understand. Why?

At the beginning of the shorter runway put a sign with a picture of the maximum size plane that can possibly take off from that runway. Maybe it is stacked like a traffic light showing 5 size aircraft. Everything too large to take off from a given runway has a big red X through it. I would understand that even if I was tired. Design with strong visuals can and does save lives.