This Just In: Degrading Women in Song Lyrics is Bad

This Just In: degrading women in song lyrics is not only mysoginistic but also leads to increased sexual activity among teens. From the article:

Misogyny – set to music – may alter teen behavior

… Still, Dr. Martino says, the study left little doubt in his mind that the music’s message has an effect.

He and other researchers surveyed 1,461 adolescents in
2001 about their sexual experiences and related factors. The
researchers followed up with similar questions in 2002 and 2004.

Throughout the study, participants reported how often
they were listening to 16 artists chosen by the study’s authors based
on their popularity. In every case – across racial and gender lines,
and after accounting for factors like a heightened interest in sex or
more permissive parents – increased exposure to sexually degrading
lyrics (though not merely sexual ones) led to increased sexual activity.

On the plus side the researchers are realistic and are NOT suggesting censorship. Censorship won’t work because teens love to rebel anyway. And the Stones weren’t cricket either in their time.

And on that note we can also thank Girls Gone Wild for their help in degrading women. OK, back to work.

Meerkats and JJ at Netsquared

JJ from True Light Resources will be speaking at Netsquared in Houston tomorrow night. Full description here. Please, if you are in Houston, come on by for a beer at Stag’s Head Pub and talk about saving the world through technology. First beer is on me.

And in a related point… ok, this has nothing to do with netsquared. But I was told by a friend today that I reminded him of a Meerkat. I was like "hmmmm". Then I read the Meerkat Motto. I like it:

Respect the Elders, Teach the Young, Cooperate with the Family,
Play when you can, Work when you should, Rest in between.
Share your Affection, Voice your Feelings, Leave your Mark.

Thanks Aaron!

Squidoo and SEO Spam- please no

From this long tail post on Seth’s blog, it looks like SEO black hat bait to post lenses on squidoo. Please tell me it isn’t so? I have some friends headed to SES San Jose so I’ll post what I learn when they get back. Sigh.

For the non-serious geeks, squidoo lets people build a list of sites to be searched as a group, by topic. So you can add 10 sites related to ferrets and search like google, but only within your select sites. And of course you can share it. Seth’s blog post is pointing out that the lens itself is scoring well in other search engines, which creates an incentive for folks to cheat in the search engines using custom lenses. Just something to watch out for as I am sure google is already doing.

Perhaps there is a strategy application for this within public relations for the enlightened? But that is another post.

Pragmatic Marketing Resources for Software Marketing

Pragmatic Marketing is a company that teaches software product marketing seminars. And the publish a truly great magazine on product marketing. Yes this is a relatively obscure field, and these folks execute well in that area.

The good news is their magazine is free as are the resources on their web site. The seminars appear to cost about 2 to 3k which is not for every start up. Yet if you are designing software products for the open market, perhaps worth the investment?

The image is the Pragmatic Marketing grid from this PDF on their site.

Houston Technology Job Listings

The Houston Technology Center (disclaimer: HTC is a Tendenci client of ours) now is using the job board software for associations. So if you have a technology job listing need in Houston consider posting. The details are:

  1. Houston Technology Job Listings
  2. Post your job on the site here. Much lower cost than Monster and hey, it is local and local rules.

And as a friendly reminder, HTC is a non profit paid for primarily by tax dollars and grants up to this point. It will hopefully be self sustaining soon with the addition of the new building.