Out of an Oddity of Timing and Photo Community Building

  Originally uploaded by eschipul.

(self promotion warning!) Out of an oddity of timing, specifically I hit upload on the way out to dinner, one of my photos was the 1000th Houstonist group photo on flickr.

Here is the post on Houstonist and here is the Houstonist flickr group. And of course here is the photo.

Hats off the Houstonist to leverage something as simple as acknowledging photos to build community. In fact the first time I saw a link to the Houstonist blog it was through flickr. Giving first is good karma.

And of course thanks for the honor of being photo of the day on Aug 31!

Now, how can folks like the Houston Zoo (another disclaimer: the Houston Zoo is a consulting client) engage the Houston zoo community on flickr. The Houston Zoo Elephant blog is exciting but not yet as participatory as flickr communities.