eMuse Me – Can Web 2.0 Break Down the Walls of Museums?

The final votes are not in on the sxsw panels but one of them caught my eye. It directly relates to Houston because we don’t exactly encourage citizen media in our museums. We don’t even allow photography which of course is why Houston is known for art car parades more than the Menil collection. Anyway, back to the panel….

eMuse Me: Can Web 2.0 Break Down the Walls of Museums?

Is Web 2.0 welcome in museums? Should you be allowed encouraged to tag
objects and share your opinions and discoveries? Or is online museum
design best left to expert curators, art historians and museum
educators? Can rich media, tagging and blogging deepen your connection,
or does it cheapen and distract from the museum experience? Explore
fascinating research into museum technology including tagging,
(steve.museum) online interactives, blogging and delicious handheld
(link to Glenda’s blog)

If you get a chance vote for it on the sxsw panel picker here. And of course please also vote for the one I might (if you vote!) get to moderate called: United We Stand,
Divided We Fall: Alternatives to RSS Alerts During