Social Softare Blog Posts Worth Saving

A round up of related and interesting blog posts. Mostly to save the links for myself.

  1. Google Earth and Emergency Aid – now this is *real*
  2. Research on Social Network Sites – your brain will hurt reading all of this amazing research
  3. Traffic Congestion Tax Experiment in Stockholm – Collective Action Predictable, why must we be surprised that taxation dramatically affects behavior?

And last but not least, I’d like to see a mashup between

Flickr Adds Geo Tagging and Microsoft Live Phototouism?

This Runway Small Aircraft Only

Signage matters. Usability matters. Visuals matter. Particularly for aircraft.

Design could have prevented this tragedy. Maybe a sign in big letters that reads "This Runway Small Aircraft Only" with a picture of a small aircraft.

Having flown a lot I can say that I don’t understand the signs at most airports. When reading them out the airplane window they are cryptic. One of the lessons from the 9-11 commission was to use normal speak. Airports communicate in a way such that you have to be trained to understand. Why?

At the beginning of the shorter runway put a sign with a picture of the maximum size plane that can possibly take off from that runway. Maybe it is stacked like a traffic light showing 5 size aircraft. Everything too large to take off from a given runway has a big red X through it. I would understand that even if I was tired. Design with strong visuals can and does save lives.