Neven Bought by Google, Google Passes on Riya, Photo Recognition Fuzziness

I posted previously on the perils ahead for Riya by not talking about security. If I was correct or not, if that is an invasion of your privacy, remains unknown.

What is known is known by Liz Gannes is that google purchased Neven.  Google, which fears being known as evil despite click-fraud making that a silly debate, passed on purchasing Riya. Instead Google purchased Neven Vision for photo recognition capabilities. Press release here.

This reminds me of the stat that 80% of users want a personalized experience but 60% of those that do are unwilling to provide the data needed for that personalized experience. So Riya’s proposal of asking me to id my friends is not compelling. I am clearly in the 60% that does not want to provide the data no matter how much I enjoy the personalized experience.

Will google use this for good or evil? Unfortunately my money is on evil given the randomness of their expansion. Which makes me nervous about tagging my photos.

On the plus side? Any system, once understood, can be jammed.