Best Article on Personas I have been able to find

Continued reading on conversion design, persuasion, psychology and user interface design. Usability for everyone is another way to say it. It must work for the visitor as well as for the site community itself. Either everyone wins or nobody does – cliche or not.

To that end in the software world a common theme is the use of personas. The article below is the best article I have been able to find on the use of personas available on the web anyway.

Personas: Setting the Stage for Building Usable Information Sites by Alison J. Head

Personas are hypothetical archetypes, or "stand-ins" for
actual users that drive the decision making
for interface design projects. …

This Just In: Degrading Women in Song Lyrics is Bad

This Just In: degrading women in song lyrics is not only mysoginistic but also leads to increased sexual activity among teens. From the article:

Misogyny – set to music – may alter teen behavior

… Still, Dr. Martino says, the study left little doubt in his mind that the music’s message has an effect.

He and other researchers surveyed 1,461 adolescents in
2001 about their sexual experiences and related factors. The
researchers followed up with similar questions in 2002 and 2004.

Throughout the study, participants reported how often
they were listening to 16 artists chosen by the study’s authors based
on their popularity. In every case – across racial and gender lines,
and after accounting for factors like a heightened interest in sex or
more permissive parents – increased exposure to sexually degrading
lyrics (though not merely sexual ones) led to increased sexual activity.

On the plus side the researchers are realistic and are NOT suggesting censorship. Censorship won’t work because teens love to rebel anyway. And the Stones weren’t cricket either in their time.

And on that note we can also thank Girls Gone Wild for their help in degrading women. OK, back to work.