txtDrop Issues Reasonable Privacy Policy

Yea – a privacy policy from txtDrop.

TxtDrop is a new web-to-sms widget. A small html form you can add to your site, your myspace profile, your OiH  directory listing or whatever. The form allows a visitor to send you an SMS message (SMS = texting) for faster response.  Not the be-all, but another method of serving the visitor on their terms.

I first heard about txtDrop by seeing this post on TechCrunch. But I could not recommend it to anyone until I figured out the privacy and security concerns. The same reason I still won’t use Riya. We don’t want everyone sending us spam txt in the middle of a movie. Or selling it to someone offering great rates on mortgages.

The good news is Nate responded to my email this morning. txtDrop just issued a privacy policy that is completely reasonable by my reading of it. It sounds fair to both the company and to the user.

I didn’t get much response in the past when I asked about privacy so I didn’t post the initial request as a blog post. I just sent an email. Here is Nate’s response. I take heart from the fact that he says there was a "large demand" for a privacy policy. Yea! And again – Thanks for the prompt follow up!

My email asked in part

> What I can’t discern is the privacy policy which I would need to
> understand before recommending it to our clients.

and the reply was

Hi Ed,

We have put out a privacy policy today due to a large demand from users to make sure that we are not selling any information.

The privacy policy can be found at http://www.txtdrop.com/privacy.php and it’s linked to at the bottom of every page on the site now.