Eclipse Aviation E500 Passes FAA Hurdle

This is one of those things that seems small on CNN, but will alter the economics of business. Eclipse Aviation’s E500, a couple years late if my memory is correct, has passed the next level of FAA certification. It is the leader in a new category of very-ligh-jets.

Old jets 1m used. New very light jets – 500k new – ish.

They may not get to that price initially, but any time you see an advance in technology that reduces costs by 50% you have to pay attention. Expect Boing to buy out Eclipse in a few months. Just kidding….

See also The World is Flat and for the historians there was the original MegaTrends.

The color of money, power, life, death, spring…

  Tag Graph: The Color Of…. 
  Originally uploaded by jbum.

Flickr user jbum has an image of saturated and unsaturated samples of photos with varying tags. OK, in English he looked at pictures that were tagged different things. And then found the average color.

From his notes on the tag color graph photo:

"For each keyword in this picture, I downloaded all the matching thumbnails, up to a maximum of 1000 images, and averaged the colors, using a script.

The left side of each stripe is the resulting color.

The right side of each stripe is the same color, with the saturation cranked up.

Now, I must admit, when I began this experiment, I was really hoping for a more obvious result: money = green, spring = green, sex = pink, winter = white, death = black. Something like that… Right?

No such luck. Reality, as always, rudely intrudes."

From the comments, also worth looking at is The Color of Palo Alto art project.

Metaphor Elicitation Techniques – Rereading Zaltman

Several years ago I read How Customers Think. Rereading it now and I find Gerald Zaltman is full of marketing insights. Yet the next action step is vague. It is difficult to put into practice without professional help. In an effort to make it actionable on a budget, here is an actionable synopsis.

A few of the core themes of the book are (and my apologies to the author if I don’t get this right).

  1. 95 percent of all cognition occurs in the subconscious mind (link to interview)
  2. verify stated belief against actual behavior
  3. measure latency response for thoughts and/or bias (also a theme in the Tipping Point)
  4. metaphors tap into thought stored as images as well as imagination
  5. from metaphors you can develop concensus maps from a small sample size (12 to 30 people!)
  6. one-on-one interviews are superior to focus groups
  7. research participants are asked to gather 8 to 10 pictures that reflect their thoughts or feelings on a subject *before* the interview

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